The Villa Trinidade connects a relaxing vacation in the nature with a comfortable accommodation. In the first floor there are a total of 8 rooms: the kitchen, dining room, salon, and five bedrooms. The covered terrace and arcades are a perfect place to relax in a hammock. In the second floor there are six bedrooms, and a big living room. All bedrooms are air-conditioned and have a toilet.

The Villa is fully furnished and there are domestic servants for all necessary labors.

First Floor:

Villa Trinidade First Floor

Second Floor:

Villa Trinidade Second Floor


  • Double bed: 9
  • Bunk beds: 20 (40 single beds)
  • Single beds extra: 1

Total number of sleeping places: 59

Swimming Pool:

Large Pool Villa Trinidade

The pool is, depending on the Season, filled either with salt water or freshwater. It is constantly monitored, chlorinated, and cleaned by our janitor. Next to the pool there is a freshwater shower.


  • Area: 120m²
  • Depth: 1,70m
Caution: The swimming pool is not suitable for non-swimmers.

Pool 2:

Small Pool Villa Trinidade

Smaller Pool on the beach


  • Area: 23,5m²
  • Depth: 1,40m